Welcome to our dedicated space for the up-and-coming champions of the boxing world. Encouraging kids to engage in boxing teaches discipline, enhances physical fitness, and boosts confidence. To support your child’s boxing journey, it’s crucial to equip them with gear that offers protection, comfort, and the chance to develop their skills safely. Here’s a guide to the essential boxing gear for kids, ensuring they’re ready to train, spar, and compete with confidence.

1. Kids-Specific Boxing Gloves

When it comes to selecting boxing gloves for young fighters, fit and protection are paramount. Our range includes gloves tailored for the smaller hands of children, with sufficient padding to safeguard their hands and wrists. Lightweight yet durable, these gloves ensure young boxers can practise their punches without strain. Find out more about kids’ boxing gloves here.

2. Protective Hand Wraps

Before slipping into their gloves, wrapping their hands is a must for any young boxer. Our selection of hand wraps is designed for smaller hands, providing an extra layer of protection for their wrists and knuckles. Easy to wrap and comfortable to wear, they are a fundamental piece of safety equipment.

3. Headgear for Ultimate Protection

Safety is non-negotiable in kids boxing, making headgear a vital piece of equipment. Our kids’ headgear is designed to offer comprehensive protection without compromising on comfort or visibility. Adjustable straps allow for a snug and secure fit, ensuring that the head and face are well-protected during sparring sessions.

4. Breathable Boxing Apparel

Choosing the right apparel can make all the difference in a child’s boxing training. Our range includes lightweight, breathable tops and shorts that offer freedom of movement and keep young athletes cool and comfortable. The right fit will support their agility and performance in the ring.

5. Groin Guards and Chest Protectors

To ensure comprehensive safety, we offer groin guards and chest protectors designed with young athletes in mind. Lightweight yet robust, these guards provide essential protection without hindering movement, allowing kids to focus on their training and sparring with peace of mind.

6. Supportive Boxing Shoes

Footwork is a fundamental skill in boxing, and having the right shoes can significantly impact a young boxer’s agility and stability. Our selection of kids’ boxing shoes features non-slip soles and supportive designs, ensuring safety and comfort as they move around the ring.

7. Durable Punch Bags

Having a punch bag at home can greatly enhance a young boxer’s training, allowing them to practise their punches, timing, and technique. Our range includes durable, kid-friendly punch bags that can withstand the energy and enthusiasm of young fighters.

8. Jump Ropes for Cardio Training

A jump rope is an excellent tool for improving cardiovascular fitness, coordination, and footwork. Offering a fun and effective workout, it’s a must-have for any young boxer looking to enhance their agility and stamina.


Stepping into the world of boxing is an exciting adventure for any child, and having the right gear is essential for a safe and enjoyable experience. Our comprehensive range of kids’ boxing equipment is designed to support young fighters in their training, ensuring they’re equipped to learn, grow, and succeed in boxing. With safety, comfort, and performance at the core of our selection, you can trust that your young champion is well-prepared for every jab, hook, and uppercut. Gear up with us, and let’s nurture the champions of tomorrow, today.