Boxing for kids? Absolutely! Far from the rough and tumble many imagine, boxing can be a fantastic way for children to improve their physical fitness, learn discipline, gain confidence, and have fun. However, starting any new sport, especially one as demanding as boxing, requires the right approach and gear. This guide will walk you through the essentials for getting your child ready for their first boxing class, focusing on safe and age-appropriate gear.

Why Boxing for Kids?

Before diving into the equipment list, it’s worth pausing to appreciate the benefits boxing offers to kids. Beyond physical health, boxing teaches valuable life lessons such as respect, patience, and perseverance. It also offers a constructive outlet for energy and can be particularly beneficial for kids who need an extra boost in confidence or focus.

Essential Gear for Young Boxers

1. Boxing Gloves: The First Priority

Kids’ boxing gloves differ from adult ones primarily in size and weight. They are designed to fit smaller hands and provide adequate protection without being overly heavy. For children, gloves typically range from 4oz for the littlest punchers up to 12oz for older kids. Look for gloves with good padding, wrist support, and a velcro strap for easy adjustment.

2. Hand Wraps: For Extra Protection

Like adults, kids must protect their hands and wrists with hand wraps under their gloves. Teaching your child how to wrap their hands properly or helping them with it before training is an essential skill that will serve them well.

3. Headgear: Safeguarding the Future

While not all coaches require headgear for every class, it’s crucial for sparring sessions. The primary goal is to protect the head from impacts without limiting visibility. Ensure the headgear fits snugly but comfortably, with adequate padding around the forehead and temples.

4. Mouthguard: An Essential Guard

A mouthguard protects against dental injuries and can even lessen the risk of concussions. Opt for a youth-specific size that can be molded to your child’s teeth for a secure fit.

5. Boxing Shoes: Footing That Counts

Good footing is essential in boxing. While specific boxing shoes aren’t necessary from day one, a pair of snug-fitting, non-slip athletic shoes are. As your child grows more engaged in boxing, investing in proper boxing shoes can provide better support and mobility.

6. Appropriate Attire: Comfort Meets Function

For clothing, comfort, and freedom of movement are key. Lightweight, breathable workout clothes that don’t restrict movement or become too heavy from sweat are ideal. Shorts and a tank top or T-shirt work well.

7. Skipping Rope: The Underrated Tool

A skipping rope not only helps improve cardiovascular endurance but also enhances footwork, timing, and coordination. It’s a fun, effective tool that can be used anywhere and should be part of every young boxer’s kit.

Creating a Positive Experience

As you gather the gear and prepare your child for their boxing journey, remember that the attitude and environment you foster are just as important. Encourage them, be patient with their progress, and choose a boxing gym that prioritises teaching and safety above competition. With the right approach and gear, boxing can be a rewarding, enjoyable activity that your child looks forward to every week.


Introducing your child to boxing with the right gear and mindset sets them up for success, both in the ring and in life. Protected, prepared, and positively encouraged, your young boxer will be ready to embark on a journey full of challenges, learning, and fun. Remember, the goal is to foster a love for the sport, discipline, and self-improvement, laying the foundation for a healthy, confident outlook on life.

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