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Training to be a Boxer - part 3

Listed below are some articles and information about boxing. These articles are written by our staff who proficient in boxing and martial arts. These articles are copyrighted and for your information only!!
If placing these articles on your website, credit must be given to the author or a link back to this website.

Focus pads and Coaching mitts

Focus pads are an essential tool in a boxer's development and training, whether he is a professional, amateur or just training to keep fit.
A good boxing coach will always have a set of good quality focus pads in the gym and will be proficient in using them.
Coaching mitts can be used with a boxer to work on his punching technique, defensive skills, new combinations and also to replicate the strengths and weaknesses of an opponent, for example, if an opponent has a "lazy" jab and doesn't bring his hand back to guard quick enough, you can work on avoiding that jab and countering with a powerful right cross.
Focus pads are also known as hook and jab pads and there are many different styles. The most popular type of focus pad used by coaches is the curved pads; these are ergonomically structured for the highest control, manouverability and protection.

Coaching mitts
These are shaped like boxing gloves and have a padded target area on the palms, they are great for a coach who wants to practice defensive skills with his fighter because he can throw punches with the mitts and the fighter can learn to evade and counter.

Straight focus mitts
These are longer than the curved focus mitts and they cover the wrists of the coach to give protection against stray punches. Straight focus pads are preferred by fitness instructors and are perfect for beginners.

Micro mitts
These are the smallest pads and are usually round and just big enough to cover the hand. The boxer has to be more precise with his punches when using these mitts, therefore they are used to coach more experienced and professional boxers.
Once you have learnt all the punches used in boxing, it is time to punch in combinations on the focus mitts. Your coach will have his own preferred combinations for you to use but I have listed a few of the more popular ones below, courtesy of UK Boxing store.

1. Jab, cross, hook.
2. Jab, cross, hook, uppercut.
3. Left hook, right cross, left hook.
4. Jab, cross, left hook, right cross, left hook.
5. Jab, cross, left uppercut, left hook, right cross.
6. Jab, right uppercut, left hook, right cross.

Always listen to your coach and train hard.

Visit for a range of focus pads and coaching mitts.

author : Claude Evans - UK Boxing store


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