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Congratulations you have come to the right website!

Not only do we stock a wide range of Boxing gloves and Boxing equipment, we also have articles and information about boxing, these articles are written by our staff who proficient in boxing and martial arts. These articles are copyrighted and for your information only.
Training for fitness?
If you are training for fitness and fun, you are also at the right place, we have fitness equipment, boxercise gloves, skipping ropes e.t.c for Men, Women and Children.
Interested in Martial arts?
Again you have come to the right place, we stock a range of quality martial arts and Kickboxing equipment at discounted prices.
Please Browse our secure online store for all your Boxing needs.

Listed below are a number of links and articles you might find interesting.

Boxer's Checklist


Boxing is an inexpensive sport to get involved in. You don't need a lot of equipment and with the quality boxing equipment we have in stock, they will last you a long time.

You don't need the latest gadget but you need plenty of hard work and dedication. The boxing gym you choose will have all the punch bags, speed balls and heavy duty equipment for you to use.

Below is a list of equipment you will need when just starting out.

Bag gloves
Hand wraps - Click HERE to learn how to wrap your hands
Skipping rope
Boxing shorts
Boxing boots

If you continue training and want to step up a level to Sparring, you will need the following in addition to what you already have.

Head guard
Training gloves
Sparring gloves
No foul protecter / Groin guard

Weight limits


There are 17 major weight catergories in professional boxing, see the list below.

Heavyweight - over 200lb (91kg)
Cruiserweight - 200lb (91kg)
Light heavyweight - 175lb (79kg)
Super middleweight - 168lb (76.2kg)
Middleweight - 160lb (72.5kg)
Light middleweight (super welterweight) - 154lb (70kg)
Welterweight - 147lb (66.7kg)
Light welterweight - 135lb (61.2kg)
Super featherweight (Junior lightweight) - 130lb (59kg)
Featherweight - 126lb (57.1kg)
Super bantamweight (Junior featherweight) - 122lb (55.3kg)
Bantamweight - 118lb (53.5kg)
Super flyweight (Junior bantamweight) - 115lb (52.1kg)
Flyweight - 112lb (51kg)
Light flyweight - 108lb (49kg)
Strawweight (Mini fly or Minimum) - 105lb (47.6kg)


Boxing Quotes

"Ali was primarily a brilliant ring strategist. A prodigy in his youth whose fast hands and feet made him virtually impossible to hit. What joy in the young Ali: in the inimitable arrogance of a heavyweight, who danced about his puzzled opponents with his gloves at waist level, inviting them to hit him - to try it."

"In no other sport is the connection between performer and observer so intimate, so frequently painful, so unresolved." - Joyce Carol Oates

"You need the whole package - boxing, interval training, weights, nutrition, rest, everything. I combine all of them together so I can become like a machine up in that ring." - Oscar De La Hoya

"A champion shows who he is by what he does when he's tested. When a person gets up and says 'I can still do it', he's a champion." - Evander Holyfield

"It is wonderful. It truly is. It is the only thing that is real! It's you against me, it's challenging another guy's manhood. With gloves. Words cannot describe that feeling - of being a man, of being a gladiator, of being a warrior. It's irreplaceable." - Sugar Ray Leonard

"The Glory is the issue to me. Money comes and goes, but a legacy stays forever. I hate to lose" - Shane Mosley

"I'll be glad to see him coming into the ring because that's where it gets hard, where whatever you say doesn't mean a thing and you have to be honest and just fight." - Lennox Lewis

"If they cut my bald head open, they will find one big boxing glove. That's all I am. I live it." - Marvin Hagler


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