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Kids in Boxing

Listed below are some articles and information about boxing. These articles are written by our staff who proficient in boxing and martial arts. These articles are copyrighted and for your information only!!
If placing these articles on your website, credit must be given to the author or a link back to this website.

Boxing for kids can improve behaviour and fitness

Children's boxing can be a controversial sport but it need not be. Boxing for kids teaches discipline and installs direction and a good work ethic in children. It is important to realise that just like adults, some children will enjoy combat and some will not. For this reason it is important that children are not pushed into boxing, it must be something they chose to do and want to do.

Boxing can often be a very successful tool for improving the behaviour of troubled children. If the child is performing poorly at school and not applying themselves, boxing can be an excellent way to instil discipline and direction. This is especially effective if a child is often involved in fights with other children. This can be a sign that the child is frustrated and feels undervalued. Boxing teaches the child to channel their aggression correctly and will help them to feel a sense of achievement. This enhances the child's self confidence.

It is also good for troubled children to feel part of a team. This reduces any feelings of isolation and the sense of belonging can improve behaviour massively.

Boxing is not just for troubled children. It demands high levels of fitness and hard work which are good values to introduce to any child. It is also important to point out the difference between boxing competitively and boxing training. In a boxing gym anyone is welcome to join and begin training in both fitness and basic boxing skill. The sessions are carried out safely and with protective gear. A good coach will never allow a child to box competitively if they are not capable and fully prepared.

A good experienced boxing coach is vital when children are involved. As well as being able to teach boxing effectively the coach needs to be able to deal with children. Many of which are distrustful when it comes to authority figures. A good, experienced coach will be able to instil important values in children that not only help their boxing and fitness but also their overall life and demeanour. A good coach will monitor the child's school progress and if the coach does not feel the child is applying themselves properly at school the child will not be allowed to fight. This can be a very effective tactic.

Boxing is full of well respected professionals who personally admit that if it was not for the direction, purpose and discipline boxing taught them they would have had a vastly different life, involved in crime and violence.

The rules of amateur boxing are designed to protect the participants from psychical harm. The padded gloves are thicker than those used by professionals and the fighters wear head protection. Amateur boxing is focused on scoring points with good boxing technique rather than knocking down opponents. This makes this type of boxing safe for children to take part in. If the child displays a natural gift for boxing and excels they can move onto a professional career when they are an adult.

The key point when it comes to boxing for kids is that the child must chose it for themselves. It is good to encourage and help motivate your child if boxing is their chosen sport but never push a child who is not willing to box into taking up the sport. For some kids, it can be very effective and massively enjoyable.

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